From 10am & all day;  Hayride Grove tours to see olive tree varieties, planting, hand picking, mechanical harvesting, pruning, kangaroos, deer.

                                     Guided Grove walking tours,

                                     Guided "pick your own" to pickle, with Terry Hubber and Carolyn Geurin

                                     demonstration oil extraction from fresh olives by John Brook

11am  Cooking with Olives and Olive Oil, with Sue Linton

11.30am Making olive related products (Olive Oil,in you & on you), with Bob Gilliver from Talinga Grove

12.00pm Choosing and using pruning tools.

12.30pm Tasting olive Oil with Richard Gawel, 15 years Australia's Head Judge.

1pm How to pickle olives with Brian Swanson

1.30 Cooking with olives & olive oil, with sue Linton

2pm The Olive industry in South Australia, with Michael Johnston, President of Olives SA

2.30pm Tasting olive oil, with Richard Gawel

3pm Extracting the oil, with John Brook.

All day: Delicious and interesting Local Food and Wine for sale, to enjoy around the camp fire or wood fired pizza oven